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Power Supply
Current Consumption
100~240VAC/24VDC 2.5A (hico/loco model)
5VDC 500mA (loco only model)
RS-232 (MSR206) - 9600 baud, none parity, 8 data bits
RS-232 (MSE-630A) - 9600 baud, odd parity, 7 data bits
USB to serial conversion
350mA (read), 600mA (write)

Pin Assignment (DB9F)
Detachable RJ45M to DB9F for communications
Detachable RJ45M to USB for communications
PS/2 power stealer U-cable (loco only model)
TXD (2), RXD (3), ground (5), CTS (7), RTS (8)

Media Life
Media Speed
Media Coercivity
Media Thickness
Low Amplitude Reading
Error Rate
1,000,000 passes for both read and write heads
5~50IPS (read), 5~30IPS (write)
300~4000 Oersted (read), 300~4000 Oersted (write)
30% (210BPI) or 40% (75BPI) at 10~40IPS
<0.5% (read), <0.75% (write)
95,000 hours
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